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About Me

Hello. My name is Drew (Andrew) Johnston; I was born and raised in the small town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. I always had an eye for colourful art and photography, I got more involved with art classes taking on large mural productions of situations affecting the student body as a whole and making a subtle but impactful meaning with our images. They were not just works of art they were telling you the blunt truth.

I taught myself most of my graphic & web design knowledge, I read online tutorials, books, magazines and also by trial and error. I attended Nova Scotia Community College for a two-year “Applied Arts and Graphic Design” program where I felt right at home, this was not just my hobby but my passion. With my own self taught foundation in visual & creative arts, it paved the way for my success as a Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer today.

In fact, I started this website in high-school in 2003 (different domain-name at the time – ‘Crazy-Drew.com’), where I showcased my work online for my student body and also building my Portfolio for NSCC for acceptance. Throughout the years this website has changed quite a bit, from my dedicated online portfolio, then my blog posts (Even before Facebook), to my world travel photo blog, and is now a collaboration of all together.